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Sample of Natural Incense Included.


ZenSpace is more than simply a zen garden. It’s a way to create a peaceful and calming personal space away from the busy world around us.


What is in the box?

Minimalist plate
Sleek and modern circular design. No sharp edges. Nothing to break the feeling of tranquility.

Safe Sand ™
Certified premium natural sand that is non-toxic and contains no asbestos, lead, or crystalline silica dust.

Design Rake
Matching gold design rake allows you to express your creativity and release stress and tension.

Printing Sphere
A design tool that aesthetically matches the set and provides endless ways to express your creativity.

Incense Tray
Matching gold tray, again with no sharp edges. The flow is key to creating a peaceful space.

Incense Holder
Minimalist design matches perfectly with the other pieces, creating a sense of serene symmetry.

Palo Santo & Sage Natural Incense. 

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