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  • With the smell of the incense, the touch of the sand, and the soothing sensation of creating patterns with the rake and printing sphere, ZenSpace brings a sensory experience to your meditation and quiet time.

  • Use ZenSpace to create a space for conscious breathing and meditation. Let it be your companion to bring you into a higher state of relaxation as you breathe.

  • Perfect for individuals that can’t sit still for traditional meditation. ZenSpace is interactive meditation that allows your mind to be active and free at the same time.


Welcome to Quiet Sands.

Our mission is to make personal spaces as essential as the vital parts of a house. In today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to prioritize mental and emotional well-being. Just like a fridge reminds us to eat, our spaces remind us to care for our emotions and mental health.

We believe in teaching children to manage emotions and thoughts early on. That's why we donate $2 from every ZenSpace purchase to Whole School Mindfulness. They introduce mindfulness practices in schools by appointing a Mindfulness Director.

Thank you for choosing Quiet Sands, your new companion on your mindfulness journey.