Welcome to Quiet Sands. My name is Daniel de Llano, and I founded this brand with a mission to establish personal spaces as a necessity, just like the vital parts of a house. I firmly believe that creating a physical space for mental and emotional well-being should be a priority in this fast-paced world. It will remind you to take care of your emotions and mental health, just as the fridge reminds us to eat when we look at it.

As an adult, I have often reflected on the importance of being taught to manage emotions and thoughts from an early age. I understand the significance of nurturing mindfulness in young minds and the benefits it can bring to future generations. Therefore, with every purchase of ZenSpace, $2 will be donated to Whole School Mindfulness, a foundation that strives to introduce mindfulness practices in schools by implementing the position of Mindfulness Director.

I believe in giving back to society and investing in the well-being of future generations. I hope to inspire my customers to prioritize their mental and emotional health by creating a personal space that they can call their own. Thank you for choosing Quiet Sands, your new companion on your mindfulness journey.