Useful Tips


Thank you so much for your purchase!

I want to give you some useful tips :)

In the box there are 3 silicone dots, those are to put them under the big plate, then if some grains of sand get out of the plate, it doesn’t scratch your furniture! We don’t want that, right? 😊


To draw in the sand you can use the rake or the ball. The ball can paint rolling it or pressing gently on the sand to create little circles.

 To erase the drawing, just shake the plate! I do it every morning and I call it #ShakeThePast, then I make my daily mindful drawing while conscious breathing and I'm ready to start with the new day!

The oval tray is for putting the rake/ball and the incense holder (or not!).

Brass evolves. Depending on the humidity levels of your area, it could be necessary to clean it to keep its original look from time to time. Simply wash it with soap and water and a soft cloth, rinse and polish with a dry soft cloth (the classic method is with vinegar).

All these tips are just an orientation, but I encourage you to make your own set up and find your favorite ways to create your mindful designs! 

 I also want to thank you for all the help you bring to this little new business with your purchase! Sharing with friends and family or on social media and tagging us is also a huge help!

I hope you love it along the way and it brings you a lot of moments of calm and tranquility. 😊

From San Francisco, CA: Thank you very much for your purchase!

Quiet Sands